May 05 - 06 2018


7:15 am - 5:15 pm



Bronchoscopy Procedures for the ICU

Learn new skills in this 2-day interactive and hands-on course on cadavers led by experts in bronchoscopy and procedure-related training. Course content will cover managing massive hemoptysis, bronchoscopy-guided percutaneous tracheostomy, foreign body extraction, and bronchoscopy for critically ill patients requiring diagnostic bronchoscopy supported by noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV).

The course was designed using the experiential learning model. Flipped classroom methodology will be used with online pre- and postcourse didactic materials to enhance knowledge gain and retention. The live event is focused on interactive case-based discussions and hands-on sessions. Cognitive and technical skills assessments will be implemented to validate training.


  • Hands-on practice, including various techniques for bronchoscopic intubation, foreign body removal using flexible bronchoscopic techniques, endobronchial blockers for massive hemoptysis, bronchoscopy for guiding percutaneous tracheostomy, and techniques for performing NIPPV-assisted bronchoscopy
  • Cognitive testing on issues pertinent to bronchoscopy in the ICU
  • Skills testing on managing massive hemoptysis and bronchoscopy-guided percutaneous tracheostomy.
  • Interactive, audience participation with case-based sessions to encourage honest, individual responses. Group responses allow expert faculty to focus on the group, as well as each individual’s learning needs. Only interactive lectures are used in this course as they lead to better retention, better knowledge gain, and learner’s satisfaction


Prior to attending, you will receive materials that form the cognitive base of the course. You are expected to become familiar with the content prior to the course start in order to reduce the need for lectures, so the focus can be on hands-on, interactive training.

Target Audience

Physicians and health-care professionals from pulmonary and critical care medicine, anesthesia, intensive care medicine, trauma, and thoracic surgery are encourage to attend.

Live Interactive Lectures

Participate in interactive, case-based presentations using the practical approach format. After participating in Q&A sessions, you should be able to:

  • Define the use of bronchoscopy in cases of mechanical ventilation weaning failure—fixed and dynamic central airway obstruction.
  • Outline the indications and contraindications for performing bronchoscopy on NIPPV.
  • Define the role of bronchoscopy in cases of ARDS imitators.
  • Outline the various techniques for managing massive hemoptysis.

Hands-on Workshops

  • Bronchoscopy-Guided Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  • Bleeding Management Using Endobronchial Blockers and Single Lung Intubation
  • Foreign Objects Removal Using Various Flexible Bronchoscopic Techniques
  • Bronchoscopy on NIPPV

The event is finished.