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Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy welcomes well-described case presentations in the field of pulmonology. This is an opportunity for residents, pulmonary/critical care and interventional pulmonary fellows to present interesting cases in a live presentation format. Please check our case presentation requirements below.

Be at the forefront of pulmonary medicine.

Core requirements:

The case needs to include diagnostic or therapeutic pulmonary interventions (bronchoscopy, pleural interventions, and others).


Unreported or unusual presentation of a disease. Unreported or unusual/unexpected side effects or complications of therapeutic or diagnostic tools used in diagnostic or therapeutic intervention.


Novel diagnostic or therapeutic approach to diagnosing or treating diseases.

 Online presentation requirements:

PowerPoint live/online presentation.

The live presentation should not be more than 30 minutes. The suggested structure is to dedicate 5 minutes to relevant literature review (this can be done before or after the actual case presentation), 10 minutes to present the actual case and clinical course, 5 minutes to a discussion, and 10 minutes to the Q/A section (questions from moderator and audience).

The presenter needs to structure the case presentation according to CARE case report guidelines (http://www.care-statement.org/checklist ) except for the Abstract Section, which is not needed during the online presentation.

The presenter needs to have a significant contribution to the patient’s care or be part of the intervention team.

It should include relevant imaging (CT scan, CXRs, bronchoscopic and thoracoscopic images, pathology slides if applicable) or short video recordings.

A brief literature review relevant to the disease process or intervention performed is highly encouraged. It can be done before or after the case presentation.

The case should not be presented in a similar format in any other society, conference, or meeting.

Selection Process Requirements:

The presenter should be a resident, pulmonary/critical care fellow, interventional pulmonary fellow, or advanced practice provider.

Short abstract (maximum word amount count 250 words) with the relevant graphic images (maximum 2 images) attached needs to be submitted.

Submission is anonymous initially to avoid any possible biases or conflicts of interest.

Each submitted abstract will be reviewed by the Education & Program Committee.

Live/online presentation is going to be recorded and added to the library of the Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy website under the Fellows Corner section.

Maximum word amount count 250 words*
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