Dr. Pritchett Ascends to SAB President

We are excited to announce that Michael A. Pritchett, DO, MPH has ascended to President of the Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy (SAB). Dr. Pritchett is an advanced bronchoscopist, board certified in pulmonary disease and critical care medicine. He is active in multiple clinical trials and has most recently published his work on the use of intraoperative cone-beam CT (CBCT) to assist with biopsy of peripheral nodules. As an innovator in his field his techniques have been shown to significantly increase the diagnostic yield of guided bronchoscopy for small peripheral nodules. His innovative work with CBCT has led directly to being able to perform first-in-human trials with an FDA-approved device for bronchoscopic microwave ablation of peripheral lung tumors. We are honored to have him serve as the President of the SAB.

As Dr. Kyle Hogarth moves into his new role as Past-President, and continues and an Executive Board Member, we would like to thank him for having the insight to identify an unmet need and his relentless efforts to make a difference in the field by founding the Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy. Doing so was a significant accomplishment and a daunting volunteer endeavor. Dr. Hogarth performed with the dedication and tenacity, as only he could, in serving as our first President and founder. We are beyond grateful for his contributions and are excited to continue forward with his vision. Thank you for your dedication and tireless service Dr. Hogarth! 

Additionally, Jennifer W. Toth, MD, from Penn State University, who has served diligently on the SAB Executive Committee as its Secretary/Treasurer, ascends to the office of Vice President. We encourage you to visit the SAB website for full bios on Dr. Pritchett and Dr. Toth and their many contributions to our field. 

As Dr’s Hogarth, Pritchett and Toth move into their new society roles we are seeking nominations for the office of Secretary/Treasurer. SAB officers play a vital role in helping us to achieve the following goals: 

  • Re-establish organizational infrastructure;
  • Create value, grow membership and enhance membership engagement;
  • Establish and be recognized as experts and the voice of bronchoscopy to influence and improve community health;
  • Position SAB as a premier source of education for physicians on health care trends and practice management opportunities;

If you know someone who can help the SAB meet our goals, please nominate them. If you would like to become more active in the society and have an interest in helping our medical community, you are welcome to nominate yourself. If you would like more information about the responsibilities of the position of being an officer or committee member, please email [email protected]

Lastly, please be on the lookout for an invitation to attend our “SAB Educational Engagement Series”, a monthly web-series beginning January 30th with “EBUS: A Practical Approach”. 

Exciting advancements are being made within your society and we look forward to your participation as we share more information and opportunities! 

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